“Me Missus Kayla maintains the mane pretty regularly, she’s got steady hands and really has it down to a fine art. But I really don’t care who cuts it to be honest, I’ve had some shocking haircuts in the past,
any drongo with a pair of scissors usually has a crack at it.” – Harry on The Bowl 




Harry Bryant - The infamous bowl cut larrikin. He’s got a lust for life, making his way to every corner of the country in his four-wheel-drive. If you’ve got a minute to spare he’ll fill it with a story or two - despite being only 21 he’s certainly living life to the fullest.

Currently living on the South coast of NSW with his girlfriend and part time barber, Kayla they have access to some of Australia’s most amazing beaches, never short of a wave or two.

Not one to shy away from any opportunity, whether it be across country for a haircut or last minute trips around the world when the surf is good. But more than likely you’ll find him getting up to mischief in the outback, a couple of bush eggs and a swag is all he needs.




It’s a cold, rainy day, can you describe the urge that makes you get off the couch, out of your ugg boots to put on a cold wet suit and get out into the water?


  1. Good Music, usually the first thing I do in the morning is put some tunes on, music motivates me heaps.
  2. A Good Surfboard gets me really excited to go surfing, no matter what the waves are like.
  3. Surf Vids anything from the 90’s and early 2000’s. So many good surf movies came out in those years, I watch all of the old Rusty videos regularly, love watching guys like Occy, Kalani Robb, Catto, Powell’y ect.. So sick


 What’s the furthest you’ve pushed yourself to chase that feeling?

Driving across Australia was probably the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, I drove 27hrs to camp in the desert and surf. That feeling of complete isolation and being unconnected to society and just living in the moment, that’s what it’s all about for me. That’s livin'

Surf is a very individualistic pursuit but with a lot of camaraderie. How would you describe the difference between being out there on your own vs. being out there with your mates? Do you have a preference?

I’ve been lucky enough to hang and surf with some of my idols growing up as a kid, and surfing with guys that you look up-to and aspire to be pushes you to go bigger or to charge harder. Plus it’s great having someone to have a yarn with in-between waves! 

Can you remember a time (not necessarily surf) when you’ve really pushed yourself, totally failed but you’ll never regret or forget?

I try and push myself in any opportunity that comes my way, it’s the only way to get better, at anything. Moving down to the South Coast I’ve been pushing myself to start surfing bigger, more powerful waves,
I’ve copped a few floggings in the years, but that’s what keeps me motivated to get better and improve. 


Follow him on instagram: @harrybryant 

Watch his latest clip Rust 2.0 below.