Days of Thunder is the best Tom Cruise movie, EVER. Period. Keep your Mi2 mates. This collection is inspired by the iconic 1990’s movie, fast paced like our surfing. Born on the track, for fast times.

Days of Thunder features nod’s to TC’s (not that one) iconic cars with Speed stripes, contrast stitch, block colours and Cuban fit button throughs. Open it up on the home strait, good times incoming.

 Letty wears the Automate Short Sleeve Tee


Nail the casual outfit this season with the Click Short Sleeve Tee and the La Jolla Short


All new tee's and boardies, including the Smoked Sandwich Elastic BoardshortDynamic Elastic Boardshort and the Butters Short Sleeve Tee.


Featured above the Burnt Rubber Fitted Boardshort and the Click Short Sleeve Tee

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