Step into Wade's World. Wade's top picks for 2021.

The Wsl cancelled the rest of the Hawaiian season and Wadeo was sent packing back home to wait it out until the potential running of the Aussie leg of the World tour commences in April.

While poor Wadeo was stuck in Quarantine for 14 days in a crappy Sydney hotel eating cold, crap food and watching more cricket than we thought was physically possible; we got Wade to select his top picks off our website. Wadeo was keen to have a fresh box of swag for him immediately as he got home from his Hotel lockdown so this is what he picked and what was tickling his fancy.

Rusty Presents: Wade Carmichael ~ MINT~

Wade Carmichael present his first feature edit, MINT. 

Filmed during the great COVID-19 break of 2020. Wade and his Filmer / long time mate, Jesse Little got to work to ‘carpe diem’ the year that the rest of the world has decided to write off. Where’s 2021 anyway?

Welcome to Summers first collection; Fanzine

Summer has begun and we're already hot. Fanzine brings vibes from the underground of surf and 90's pop culture.⁠ ⁠