Rusty Presents: The Worm Hat

Look, some of us have not been working at Rusty since the mid 90's. Intact, a few of us weren't even born then. So when we see something like this come through our email box from Mr Preisendorfer our chins drop to the floor....

Wade Carmichael | Covid Swell Throwaways

Wade Carmichael has been stacking clips for a full length which we plan on releasing in a few months.⁠ Here's some stuff that’s not going to make it... If this is what Wade calls throw always then we’re in for a treat later this year…⁠

Letty Mortensen's RIDDLED Part

Letty drops a disco-infused intergalactic surf part to distract you from your current Covid-filled news feed. Filmed over 4 trips; France, South coast, West oz and home, featuring the full repertoire of dance moves that are going to keep the mountain trolls in the comments happy.

From The Vault, No Thrills For The Cautious

It's International Surfing Day this Saturday, and to celebrate we decided to re release a classic 90's vid from our vault. ⁠We present to you, No thrills for the Cautious... REMASTERED

Our Kind Of Wetsuits

From the brand that has delivered the highest performance surfboards to the top pros for over 30 years brings you the same precision and technical expertise into our new wetsuit range. Our new A Series Ecoprene 3x2 Chest Zip Long Sleeve Wetsuit is light, comfy, strong and unparalleled in warmth while maintaining the highest performance in flexibility. Our Rusty Ecoprene Wetsuit is designed to get out of your way and let you perform to your best in the surf.

New Pants & Catch ups Feat. Jordi Davieson

We caught up with our mate Jordi from San Cisco to chat all things surf, music and travels while his amazing Girlfriend Olivia Senior took a couple of snaps of him in his favourite Rusty pants.

Covid Catch ups With Kyla Whitfield

Time to check in with our favorite goofy footed team rider from Narrabeen, Kyla Whitfield. Kyla is a new recruit to the Ratpack program and before all this Covid stuff went down she was set for an absolute cracking year.

Laura Dewit and OUR KIND of Highrise Jean

The ultimate throwback jean that you will want to be wearing on repeat. The High Rise Straight are a vintage cut with a slim silhouette to keep the classic 80's inspire fit and feel.

D.Y. WHY?! - How to crop your pants with Letty Mortensen

Always tripping on your pants, or on having to roll your cuff on your pants after every time you wash them? (if you wash them)